Some good sites I’ve found about Borderline Personality Disorder

Here are some helpful links for people with BPD or who think they may be Borderline.

NAMI Page on Borderline Personality Disorder

Mayo Clinic Page on Borderline Personality Disorder

Introduction to Borderline Personality Disorder

The Basic Library on Borderline Personality Disorder 

Substance Abuse Disorders Co-Occurring with Borderline Personality Disorder

Self-Injurious Behaviors and Suicidality in Borderline Personality Disorder

Early Sea Changes in Borderline Personality Disorder (research about BPD and new treatment options)

Borderline Personality Disorder Discussion Groups

National Education Alliance Borderline Personality Disorder

BPD Central (self-coping, resources for family and friends as well as Borderlines themselves)

Personality Personality Disorder Resource Center

National Institute of Mental Health page on Borderline Personality Disorder

PsychCentral Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment¬†(they also have a forum specifically for Borderline Personality Disorder - click the ‘Community’ section and BPD is under ‘Personality Place’ - as well as forums for other mental illnesses)

The Ranch Treatment Center page on Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment

The McLean Center for the Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder

Social Work Today article on Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Borderline Personality Support

Clearview Treatment Program on Borderline Personality Disorder (also has free workshops and seminars if you’re in the area)

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